Force Mechanical specializes in plumbing, gas and hot water heating installations in multi-family residential woodframe projects.

Force Mechanical was incorporated in November of 2014 by owners Jay Chenier and Phil Friesen. Jay and Phil have over 50 years combined experience in multifamily woodframe plumbing. Both are formerly with Armaur Plumbing – Jay a 50% owner with 25+ years and Phil a Project manager with close to 20 years.

Both started as apprentices moving on to Journeyman and then project foreman and then Project Managers. In the summer of 2014 the two decided it was time to move on and bring a brand of plumbing that was next level in the multifamily world. Joining Jay and Phil was a dedicated group of project foreman, Journeyman, apprentices and office manager all with the same ideals and goals. Force Mechanical has quickly established itself as a quality multifamily plumbing company with more than 20 million dollars and 2000+ units under contract completed and current combined. Quality developer’s such as Marcon, Ledingham McAllister, Mosaic, Polygon, Aragon, Intracorp and Adera make up the core group of builders that Force Mechanical calls partners. On the other side we have long lasting partnerships with suppliers like Andrew Sheret, Glassworld, Universal Supply, Emco, Wolseley, Langley Concrete, engineered Pumps, and Vincent Helton.

At Force Mechanical, we are always open to building new relationships with builders and suppliers – but it is these long term relationships that have been key to our success to date!


  • Derek Morgan
    Special Projects
  • Travis Dickson
    Project Foreman
  • Matt Chenier
    Project Foreman
  • Dean Siba
    Project Foreman
  • Adrian Gray
    Project Foreman
  • Edward Prygiel
    Project Foreman
  • TJ Guraya
    Project Foreman
  • Luc Chenier
    Project Foreman
  • Brandon Schatz
    Project Foreman
  • Richard Marshall
    Project Foreman
  • Will Kwandibens
    Project Foreman
  • Alex Dixon
    Project Foreman
  • Chris Robinson
    Project Foreman
  • Rob Tomm
    Project Foreman

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Core Competencies

With multifamily plumbing contracts as our key focus, we have proven our capabilities through more than $20-million and 2,000+ units in past and current contracts combined.

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